It’s like clamps, can you ever have enough router bits?


I’ve been finishing the basement the last year or so and part of that process has been using cover moulding to finish off the ceiling. Gotta bridge the gap, right?

Only thing is the local HD charges $1.10 a foot for the cover moulding I have been using. argh. Might not sound like alot, but when it add it up and need 100’s of feet, it can  be a little pricey.

So I thought, hey could I “make” it myself and save some money?

After doing the math, yes I could. Using clear pine I figured I could make it for about .44 cents a foot. Even if I added an extra .10 cents a foot for bit replacement (they don’t last forever), I am still ahead. Not to mention the satisfaction of knowing I “made” that moulding myself. Often worth it even if you don’t save any green.

Next step was to find a router bit.

While I usually opt for the true and tested Freud Router Bits, I do like to try some alternatives and some of them are even “cheap”. Always happy to save, right?

So I ordered the Yonico 13156 Radius Cove Router Bit.

It arrived in a descent little box (better than the usually plastic container:

Yonico 13156 1/2-inch Radius Cove Router Bit Review

And in the usually pouch:

Yonico 13156 1/2-inch Radius Cove Router Bit Review

I opted for the 1/2 shank ( it does come in 1/4″ shank) because it would always be used in the router table. Can’t see trying to do moulding any other way. Plus I just like 1/2″ shanks for durability and less chance of the bit breaking. Not that I force on them, so maybe more peace of mind.

So how does it cut?

Yonico 13156 1/2-inch Radius Cove Router Bit Review

Although my picture is not the best, the bit cut really nice and smooth. Plus this was #2 pine which is kind of crappy from my local HD. Sorry, just the facts.

Also, as you can see, there is not roughness, no fuss and more importantly, no burn marks. And the cut was in one pass, using a Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Plunge Router, at full speed.

I am quite happy with the bit and the price can’t be beat. Even though this brand of bit can get some less than stellar reviews, the few I’ve tried work very well. Maybe it’s hit and miss?

What are your preferred brand of router bits? Love to hear what others have experienced. Leave a comment below.