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Loc-Line 80813 Dust Collection Kit

Loc-Line 80813 Dust Collection Kit

While I love, love, love the new scroll saw, and it’s fantastic in so ways ways, it lacked one thing, good dust collection. So…

Received an interesting kit for Christmas. Well, it was on my wish list. Like my family knows what anything is on my wish list.

The item was the Loc-Line 80813 Dust Collection Kit. Never used it before, but the reviews looked good.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 – 9 Elements Segment, 2-1/2″ Hose ID, 1′ Length
  • 1 – Tapered Oval Nozzle, 2-1/2″ Hose ID
  • 1 – Rectangular Nozzle, 6″ Length x 3-1/2″ Width, 2-1/2″ Hose ID
  • 1 – Shop Vacuum Adapter with Mounting Tab
  • 1 – Shop Vacuum Adapter

For my shop this kit has all kinds of uses. It put it to use for my scroll saw, because that this leaves all kinds of dust and chips.

Here is what I came up with:

DIY Scroll Saw Dust Collection

Yes it’s not the most elegant shop build you’ll every see, but I wanted to test it out to see if it would even work. So, does it work? Oh yes, it is fantastic for the scroll saw. Not only does it grab the dust above the saw, but also below the table. Better yet, it even grabs those little pieces that end up cluttering the saw table, the tool bench and the floor. Lets say there is going to be alot less mess by the tool. Less housekeeping, right?

What makes this kit nice is that you can move it and it stays put.

For my particular set up, I did add a couple parts. I added:

The current set up is really simple. I simply drilled a hole with a hole saw, pushed the adapter though and attached my dust collection hose and tightened with a hose clamp.

All the parts in the kit snap together quite tightly. You might need to use a little muscle to attach everything, but that’s a good thing, you know it’s not going to come apart on you while you are working.

I then mounted each board and done. Like I said it’s not very pretty, but it worked perfectly for now. I plan to build something nice some day, it’s just low on the priority list. I’ve seen a similar set up with this type of hose where the person made a “box”, so that will probably be a future project.

This kit was for the scroll saw, the next kit will be for the drill press, as it’s badly in need of dust collection. The make-shift pvc piece is not the best. Since the nozzle on this is smaller it should work very nicely on the drill press and hopefully it won’t get in the way of the laser. Fingers crossed.